-Cry Me A River EP-
How can your days be so dark when the sun shines so bright
then leave quietly cry me a river
no one hears all your cries
sad boy dry your, dry your eyes
whereís the keys to the car
Iíll wait 'til your crawling
to run you down
cursing til Iím blue in the face
humorous subtle discipline slapping you silly
the water is filling up too fast
donít let the current drag you under
guess Iíll watch you drown, in your tears.

-Patience Worn Thin-
Fight your way through the crowd and devour the head of the fortunate one
screaming lets gag him until we can get away
covering up the tracks
marks from my past
broken down
body must not be found
on your knees, problems getting what I need, minutes turn into hours
we must make him talk
make him talk or leave him for dead
no stop you canít keep running away
others will be hunting you down
now tortured he has spoken against the wills and wishes in demand
breaking down the difficult
ridding the soul of an empty man
the sad story is over genius reduced to retard
your kids would be proud
the sad story is over genius reduced to retard
-Follow The Cloud-
Follow the cloud of sweet love
Hop on and take a ride an all day get away
This is never too much, crystals gleaming in the sun
Of a bag of shit three balls of fast orange
with some brew should be cool
where will I go I really donít know (line edited out to fit the song)
two for one down the road
flowers plenty of fun to go around
donít pick a bean
how did it get to this

-Motion In The Grid-
Everything is so green this trail leads to solitude beauty
with light and envy the mind not empty
pining is it good or is it great
stop and soak it in mind bending beauty life is so green
motion in the grid
no way that can be
thereís motion in the grid
I think Iím going to fall again
dialated staring of into space
this trip is well indeed
blue and red they are my little friends
breathing walls and sore jaws
keep that mirror away.

SPLIT 7 inch w/ Soilent Green:
-Hidden Agenda-
harping on actions for reasons unknown
pack it up, hit the road, dead end road
maybe not, time will tell, out of time
no, put that knife down
god you're making me sick
now growing wings, this pig can fly

knock down the door
drop to the floor
racing must breathe
erasing magee
structure burning
I'm lost in the scurry
exits are sealed off
weary, what is happening
singed, losing ability
fight for my dear life
help me, can not breathe
smoke has filled my lungs
four walls of flames seperate me
from life and death

-Middle Man-
Blowing up
You need some help
I fly you buy
Price is a pinch
Middle man
Racing to get you what you need
My own hide for your high
Don't know ( don't know if)
If he's (If he is)
Or not (or not)
The middle man
Foggy road way hard to see
Drops give stoned eyes relief
The mission is almost complete
Hope you like better than before

-Pointing Out The Obvious-
I have said something you already know
And now your wheels are turning
On what sarcastic remark will spill out
On what sarcastic remark will spill out your mouth
Damn you didn't know that you don't you know shit
Pointing (4x)
Thanks again prick for pointing out the obvious.
Well you said something that you know it's obviously been pointed out
And now your wheels are starting to turn
Damn you don't know that, when you don't know shit
Thank you again for pointing out the obvious

-Summon The Hammer-
There's only one way to go
Do it you won't
Follow through the trail of smoke
Do it you won't
Summon the hammer
We are all friends here
No one will tell a soul
At least I won't
Do it you won't, do it you won't
Summoned by the hammer

-An Eye In Every Window-
The sun comes up and the rain pours down
Behind the field is where he lives
While I sleep
He awakes at the sound of the last drop
Lids fly open wide
Teary eyes start to cry
I'm afraid, but he's way too big to get inside
The earth shakes
I can not hide
Running from room to room
An eye in every window
Getting closer, breathing louder
Running from room to room
Every window
It leaves and returns with the rain
So where am I to go
An eye in every window
It leaves and returns with the rain
Still running from room to room
An eye in every window.

-Brunt Of The Joke-
Words spoke in vain
You're killing me
One more call to see
Where this could go
Simply say the word
So we can move on
The smile you once saw was mine
And now it's gone
Not taken lightly again and again
Around your throat brunt of the joke

-Sticks In My Craw-
This nail is buried deep inside
Tearing through the roots
Let's resume the hunt, wait I'm tasting blood
Bad habits are hard to break
What's happening
Moving fast across the plains
Get it done before the dawn
So what if they stand afraid
So what if they stand alone
Sticks in my, sticks in my, sticks in my craw
Watching it all fall apart
Soon there will come a day
When it wont matter as much
-Winning The Race-
Running with the wind
On the heels of dreams
To strive and to create
To start over again
Building and growing
This bout should be gravy
These walls seem sturdy
They will come down, will come down
Must keep pushing
Not as easy at first glance
I could be passed
I'm winning the racev Enemy riding close behind
I'm still winning the race
You lose again, lose again
The glee is pouring out of me
Back to the beginning

-The Lone Chime-
A whisper in the wind, the lone chime
A tone I'll never hear again, the lone chime
The memories
Hearing sounds from down the street
Come back to me
Come back and set me free
By a thread with one left
Enough to sing one last song
By a thread with only one left
Enough to sing one last song

-Model Of Inefficiency-
Nonsense I know that you're afraid (2x)
Whats the use in trying (2x)
Full blown heads about to blow
Take it on alone
Take it on alone
Model of Ineffiency
Nasty eyes staring back at me

-Full Of Holes-
Holding hands with the man who will surely ruin my whole life
Smile and laugh with the little ones
Waiting for a chance to shine down and take our minds.
Make your way with words carefree
That I can not explain
Let alone these but don't leave them alone
Get them home and crush all hope
Can't get away with this
You can't get away
Full of holes
Holding hands with the man
So full of holes
who will surely ruin my life
Smile and laugh with the little ones
You're so full of holes
Waiting for a chance to shine

Head to head in a tilt a world
Six versus four a losing battle
All sparked up got no where to go bupkus